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Prelinger Archives
by Wilding
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Prelinger Archives
by Fairbanks (Jerry) Productions
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Tells the history of communications, from smoke signals to telephones. Part live-action and animation. CU color Western Electric 500 handset ringing; little girl answers it. Her older brother corrects her and shows how to answer the phone. A young man sketches a generic human (“Mr. Man”) who takes us back through history to show us how humans developed a need to communicate and the devices to do so. Caveman animation. Little girl tries to listen to telephone wire to hear voice. Her brother:...
Prelinger Archives
by Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc.
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Telecommunications workers in the analog era.
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Topics: Occupations: Communications, Communication: Telephone, Communication: Telegraph
Books for People with Print Disabilities
by Bronner, Stephen Eric, 1949-
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Critical Theory emerged in the 1920s from the work of the Frankfurt School, the circle of German-Jewish academics who sought to diagnose-and, if at all possible, cure-the ills of society, particularly fascism and capitalism. In this book, Stephen Eric Bronner provides sketches of leading representatives of the critical tradition (such as George Luk???cs and Ernst Bloch, Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse and Jurgen Habermas) as well as many of its seminal texts and empirical...
Topic: Critical theory